• As part of our creative studio Furnace provide a data preparation service. From converting lesser known file types to managing file sizes and formats, our team are able to work with you to get your data and files ready so they can be shared amongst your team.

  • Our 3D artists will turn concepts into virtual worlds, providing you with to-scale digital models of your visions, allowing you to easily navigate a realistic portrayal of your design. These highly detailed models create a tangible experience for the brands who want to see their ideas through from concept to realisation without having to physically build models.

  • From billboards to print ads, Furnace are able create imagery which will make your ideas stand out among the crowd.

    With experience in creating captivating imagery we are used to working to briefs from global brands, collaborating with art directors and creative teams to deliver work which will stay true to brand values while also capturing the eye and imagination of your target audience.

  • With vehicle manufacturers creating more options for buyers, showing prospective customers what they can have is key to creating sales.

    Furnace create detailed images to demonstrate different paint finishes, a variety of interior fabrics and vehicle accessories. Assets are created for each option available and then tested to ensure they work together seamlessly in an interactive environment, providing your customers with an image of their finished vehicle, incorporating each choice in a high quality photo-real image.

  • Our animators can provide work in a number of styles to match your brief. Our work includes traditional 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion and many more. From complete animation pieces to CGI work to accompany traditional film, we can turn your ideas into living pieces of work.

  • With interest in VR growing each day we are able to help you navigate the requirements of one of the newest technologies on the block. With experience and expertise in creating these immersive, 360 worlds, the Furnace team can work with you to realize your vision.

    Using specialized knowledge of filming depths and editing angles paired with our animation skills, we can create VR worlds which provide the user with a fully immersive and ultimately unforgettable experience.

  • Bringing ideas to life is exactly what Furnace are here to do. With a wide variety of animation, CGI, 3D modelling, post production and design skills and a diverse range of clients we can turn any concept into eye catching visuals.

  • Furnace began its life in the film industry, and as a result we have years of experience in post-production. From colour grading to the application of special effects, we can work with your creatives and directors to take their idea and realise it onscreen. From designing and animating CGI, applying it to your footage, right through to grading your final film, our experience and knowledge in post-production can transform your raw footage into a polished piece of work.

  • At Furnace we know the importance of making a great impression through work, especially when it comes to pitches. Our ability to work to brief, quickly and professionally means we are able to join your project at a crucial moment and produce work that will be remembered for all the right reasons.

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  • When I first met Elliot 15 years ago he was working at AKQA and doing magical things with 3D for their flagship client BMW. That same commitment to crafting cutting edge creative propelled him to start Furnace with a small group of colleagues and the award cabinet was soon bursting as a result of their ground-breaking efforts with Honda et al. Furnace delivers to the highest standards in digital production and is a perfect partner for brands and agencies alike.

    Alastair Cox. Head of Programs, Google Digital Academy

  • I worked with Furnace in London, their retouching skills are brilliant, but it was in 3D that they really excel. In 18yrs in the design industry I haven't come across anybody who can do what they can... awesome... and no, they haven't paid me to say that!

    Mark Leary. Creative Director, Blu72

  • Furnace is one of the most exceptional creative companies in the area of 3D and visual effects that I've worked with. They are perfectionist with an obsessive eye for detail, and always go beyond expectations in bringing design to life. I found Furnace to be good collaborators, with a good, productive attitude. I'd certainly work with Furnace CGI again.

    Andy Hood. Head of Emerging Technologies, AKQA

  • You work with very few companies throughout your career that you'd rank as complete experts and leaders in their field. Furnace fulfils that criteria in every aspect.

    Andy Faulkner. Head of Media, Sky